for Flute Solo and Flute Ensemble

To Alexa Still and Uptown Flutes

Valerie Coleman

Duration: 9'
Instrumentation:Fl solo, picc, 3 C fl, 2 afl, 2 bfl, Contra bfl

Score and Parts


“I lay down in my grave and watch my children grow” is the first line of Maya Angelou’s poem, Elegy.

Elegy for flute solo and ensemble, is a single movement tour de force inspired by this epic poem, written for Alexa Still and Uptown Flutes, and premiered at the 2015 National Flute Association Convention. The beginning is slow and cadenza like, featuring a cacophony of virtuoso individual rips, trills and wails within the flute ensemble, while the solo line soars above it all with a melody reminiscent of traditional spirituals. The soulful revival-like beginning quickly shifts into a spirited call and response, followed by a infectious dance section (representing young generations) amid layers of accompanying African rhythms, ending with a highly charged recapitulation. The result is a captivating, soul stirring journey.

Score Preview