Kia Caldwell

Valerie Coleman

Valerie Coleman created VColeman Music in 2012 to self-promote her works at concerts with her former ensemble Imani Winds, and online. As demand for her works increased, Valerie’s catalog has expanded to include works for chamber and wind ensemble, and orchestra. In 2024, VColeman Music has been renamed, Coleman Page, LLC. As an educator, Grammy nominated flutist and composer, Valerie’s passion to retain her intellectual property and introduce new works of emerging composers that redefine the classical genre supports the company’s objective of being an advocacy-based distribution channel and platform. Hundreds of concerts worldwide have featured music from Coleman’s catalog.

Kia Caldwell

Jonathan Page

Jonathan Page is Co-President of Coleman Page, LLC, the music publishing company that houses the sheet music, licensing, rental catalog, and media of contemporary classical composers. Today the company, formerly named VColeman Music, is the official home of the catalog of Valerie Coleman. Jonathan is a classically trained percussionist who has explored the mediums of sound engineering, songwriting, and music production. His former work as a director within Fortune 500 corporate finance and his love of the arts fueled the genesis and direction of the company through the changing landscape. Jonathan’s work also delves into historic preservation, as the acting curator of the Othello Wilson Project. He produced a documentary on Wilson’s life and the great contributions he made in music and education in rural Virginia within the early 20th century.

Coleman’s music has a special kind of joy. A sense of liberation and goodness that has been central to a certain American sound in classical music for decades.

—Philadelphia Inquirer